OHSH saves K-12 district clients from claims in excess of $50,000,000

  • The Office of Public School Construction claimed that certain student enrollment reporting errors caused the District to unjustifiably receive $18.1 million in new construction funds on six school projects. We assembled a team of technical and political experts along with our legal analysis to convince the State Allocation Board to reject OPSC’s claim and only impose the repayment of $1.8 million on the very last school project.
  • A fire alarm general contractor filed claims against the District for over $3,500,000 in compensation for alleged delays and extra work on 16 separate projects. After three days of mediation, we resolved the case in its entirety for less than $700,000.
  • An engineering firm sought over $34,000,000 in fees and damages from the District arising out of 35 design/build projects. One week before trial the case was settled with the District paying the engineering firm just over $400,000 or approximately 1% of their claims.