Business Services

We counsel our clients on many business and procurement matters, including compliance with public bidding under the Education Code, the Public Contract Code, the Government Code, and other statutory and regulatory requirements. We have advised clients on purchases of small pieces of equipment to bus fleets and from disc jockey services to District-wide technology repair services. We have prepared bid documents, requests for proposals, and—when legally permissible and desired—negotiated vendor contracts for information technology contracts, energy efficiency contracts, food service management contracts, to name just a few.

We have extensive experience in utilization of the Public Contract Code “piggyback” statutes, and the many multiple-award contracts available to California public schools and colleges, including CMAS, WSCA/NASPO and CALNET III.

We frequently assist districts in the resolution of bid protests and the selection of the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. We are strongly qualified to enforce contracts with or without litigation, based on our thorough knowledge of statutory requirements and contractual and procurement provisions. We have handled a wide range of commercial litigation matters on behalf of school district and community college clients, including enforcement of sales and service agreements and energy contracts.