David M. Orbach

Business Services

David M. Orbach has practiced exclusively in the field of construction litigation since 1984. During his more than thirty years of practice, David has tried numerous construction cases to judges, juries and arbitrators. From 1984 until 1997, he focused his practice on the representation of general contractors and developers in private and public construction disputes ranging from hotels, prisons, industrial projects, multi-unit residential projects, treatment plants and high-end residential projects. Beginning in 1997, he refocused his practice to the representation of public institutions and private owners in all phases of construction from acquisition to post-completion litigation.

David is known as one of the most experienced litigators in the area of public construction, primarily representing K-12 school districts and community colleges. He has resolved, whether by direct negotiation or litigation, hundreds of disputes concerning every aspect of school construction. David frequently collaborates with clients to assist them in instituting structural and procedural improvements in their facilities departments to better anticipate and avoid costly disputes with its contractors and consultants. The goal being to instill a pro-active institutional attitude which recognizes and addresses issues and concerns before they grow into full blown claims or litigation. He is frequently brought into “crisis” projects to work with the contractors, sureties, architects and administrators to get the projects back on track, address sometimes long festering issues and end up with a project that is of pride to the District and community and resolves claims and disputes so that the contractor and it subcontractors look forward to doing business with the District in the future. David is able to leverage his long-standing reputation and his experience in breaking down and breaking through what otherwise appear to be intractable positions to get the project and money moving again.

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