David M. Huff

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Charter Schools
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Labor Compliance / Prevailing Wage

David M. Huff is an experienced advocate and litigator in construction, real estate, condemnation and charter school litigation. He is highly regarded in the representation of public entities in contract, construction, labor and environmental matters from transactions to claims resolution. David has successfully defended over $500M in claims for one public agency alone, and represented others in trial and arbitration involving substantially complex issues of fact and law. He has also handled general administrative and regulatory hearings and trials before various agencies, including successfully pursuing dozens of prevailing wage enforcement matters and has experience with drafting, negotiating, and administrating project labor agreements. David advises public school districts throughout the state on all matters related to charter schools, petition review, Proposition 39 compliance, facilities use agreements and dispute resolution. David is also a leading appellate lawyer in the state, having prevailed in twelve appellate matters related to construction law, charter law or governmental law matters, including having successfully represented a school district before the California Supreme Court. In addition to his public agency practice, David also represents several select private entity developers and REITs providing a range of private development services including procurement transactions, environmental and regulatory matters, and project claims resolution. David has assisted these private developers with implementing several high-rise hotels, adaptive re-use properties, and multi-family residential projects throughout California and the United States.

David was literally born and raised in the construction industry as his father and grandfathers ran small general contracting businesses in Illinois. Moving west with his family, he attended the University of California at Santa Barbara on a Regents Scholarship, completing majors in both philosophy and religious studies. David graduated from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles in 1992. He currently counsels Southern California’s largest public institutions and was profiled in the Los Angeles Daily Journal for his litigation and negotiation skills in an article aptly titled ‘Persistence Pays’ (April 30, 1999). David actively coaches in youth sports leagues as well as works hard at photography, sometimes with success.

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